Russian Circus on Ice

The first Ice Circus on Earth presents
the new spectacle for the whole family

"A winter's Fairy Tale"

With an impressively staged new ice show, a fusion of ice dance and breathtaking circus artistry, the "Russian Circus on Ice" takes the audience on an enchanting journey into a magical fairytale world.

... In a distant fairyland lived once a charming winter fairy.
As her birthday approached, she invited all her friends from near and far to a big ball. Finally the big day had come. The castle glittered and sparkled. The party could begin. Fanfares announced the arrival of the guests from the whole world of fairy tales:
The Nutcracker, Alice "Out of Wonderland", the Circus Princess, Kai and Gerda, the Snow Queen, Princes and Fairies ... All brought their personal gift to the Winter Fairy and told their stories in a wonderful performance ...

"A Winter's Fairy Tale" is a varied and top-class spectacle with highlights from the greatest fairytale stories of all time: Nutcracker, circus princess, Alice in Wonderland and the Snow Queen.

New technologies, elaborate stage sets and fascinating props. Spectacular lighting design and 3D projections create a great ice show and an unforgettable circus experience!

Artistry, glamor and highest technical perfection on runners!
With grace, beauty and elegance, with unbelievable lightness and highest technical precision, the audience is kidnapped into a fairytale world.
New innovative, grandiose direction, new imaginative, spectacular choreographies, over 300 new magnificent costumes, rousing music and breathtaking acrobatics.
The energetic and elegant ice ballet combined with a great traditional Russian circus program creates a truly magical spectacle for the whole family.

The new production "A Winter's Fairy Tale" leads the viewer into the magic realm, where the good and the beautiful reign, where all dreams can come true and where one wants to return again and again as an adult.

For 50 years, the "Russian Circus on Ice", the world's first ice circus, has been causing audiences to cheer with artistry and glamor on runners, grand acrobatics, jugglers, high wire performers, figure skaters and clowns in a glittering ice arena.


Welt am Sonntag

"Top performances of circus arts"
Der Tagesspiegel

"Multi-faceted spectacle"
Main Post

"Intoxicating presentation"

"The most spectacular and most beautiful show in the world"

"Light effects, enchanting costumes and gentle movements on the ice transform the arena into a fairy-tale landscape"

We thank the media for these very positive reviews. Also this year we will traditionally continue the great combination of Russian skating and circus art with an excellently staged show program. Wherever the "Russian Circus on Ice" is a guest, the audience is thrilled, as the language of this art is understood by everyone around the world. Words can not express what you see, hear and feel in this show!

You just have to see that!

A fascinating ice circus show for young and old.

Hotline Eventim: 01806-570070, Mon – Sun: 8 am – 10 pm

Prices from € 42,05 - € 61,85
Any additional fees are subject to the respective distribution channels

Date City Hall Tickets
04.01.2020 Sat 19:00 Darmstadt Darmstadtium
06.01.2020 Mon 19:00 Wiesbaden Kurhaus
06.02.2020 Thu 19:00 Düsseldorf Mitsubishi Electric Halle

Subject to change

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