The Russian National Ballet from Moscow


The most popular ballet classic of all time in a breath-taking show

“SWAN LAKE“ embodies everything that has made classical ballet famous – and fascinates people to this day. A fairy-tale-like plot, fabulous sets, breath-taking dances - and the immortal music of Peter I. Tchaikovsky It is not without good reason that it has been said for over 100 years that Tchaikovsky expressed his Russian soul with this music. Above all, his “Dance of the four little swans” became world famous – transcending ballet-loving audiences.

“SWAN LAKE” – is ballet to absolute perfection!

It is true of ballet in general and of “Swan Lake” in particular - love and desire, loneliness and jealousy, anger, pain and happiness – “Swan Lake” is the expression of emotions without words. Music and dance combine here to form a new language that everyone immediately understands.

“If I could express with words what I feel, I wouldn’t need to dance.” This is how the famous Margot Fonteyn summed it up in a few short words.


is among the best that can be seen in the world today.

But this success does not come about simply by chance. After all, it can lay claim like no other ensemble to some great names, including the star soloists of Moscow’s legendary Bolshoi Ballet.

The founder and artistic director, Sergeij Radchenko, was the first soloist of Moscow’s Bolshoi Ballet and the stage partner for over 25 years of the world-famous prima ballerina Maja Plissezkaja.

Today, the Russian National Ballet has its own dance schools with over 70 dancers and experienced, internationally famous ballet teachers.

The Russian National Ballet aspires to develop new talents and to carry on the important national tradition of Russian ballet.

With its wide-ranging repertoire, the Russian National Ballet has celebrated tremendous successes worldwide, for example in England, the U.S., South Africa, China, Italy, Germany, and many more.
About the production:

The story of Swan Lake about the enchanted swan princess, whom only true love can release from the evil sorcerer’s spell, is well-known the world over.
Siegfried is meant to marry in order to continue his dynasty. However, he does not fall in love with any of the young ladies intended for him, but instead in a strange girl, Odette, who captures his heart with her magical beauty. Siegfried pledges her his eternal loyalty. However, the beautiful Odette has been put under an evil magic spell and can only take on human form for a few short hours each night. The evil sorcerer spies his chance. He makes his own daughter appear in the form of Odette at a celebration at the palace in order to deceive the prince. The plan works and the deceived prince unwittingly breaks his promise of loyalty. But when he realises that he can been duped, he begs Odette for her forgiveness, which she grants him.
The ballet Swan Lake incorporates well-known themes from numerous fairy tales, above all that of the unhappy, enchanted princess who is released from her spell by the love of her dream prince.
The white swans and their delicate Queen Odette, who captivates the unhappy prince with her ethereal beauty, and the festive ball scenes during which an entire court is beguiled by the seductive Odile, all go to make up the legend of SWAN LAKE.

The critics are right in their reviews:

„Superb dancing!"

„Full of beauty and elegance, the Russian National Ballet from Moscow produced a uniquely choreographed ballet experience!“
Frankfurter Allgemeine


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29.12.2018 Sat 20:00 Darmstadt Darmstadtium
31.12.2018 Mon 18:00 Wuppertal Historische Stadthalle
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10.01.2019 Thu 20:00 Recklinghausen Congress Zentrum
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20.02.2019 Wed 16:00 Berlin Stage Theater am Potsdamer Platz
20.02.2019 Wed 20:00 Berlin Stage Theater am Potsdamer Platz
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22.02.2019 Fri 20:00 Pforzheim Congress Centrum
23.02.2019 Sat 20:00 Bad Nauheim Jugendstil-Theater
24.02.2019 Sun 16:00 München Philharmonie
24.02.2019 Sun 20:00 München Philharmonie
25.02.2019 Mon 20:00 Frankfurt/Main Jahrhunderthalle
26.02.2019 Tue 20:00 Köln Lanxess Arena
28.02.2019 Thu 20:00 Wien Stadthalle F
02.03.2019 Sat 16:00 Leipzig Gewandhaus
02.03.2019 Sat 20:00 Leipzig Gewandhaus
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05.03.2019 Tue 20:00 Würzburg Congress
06.03.2019 Wed 20:00 Karlsruhe Konzerthaus
07.03.2019 Thu 20:00 Fulda Orangerie
09.03.2019 Sat 19:30 Holstebro Musikteater
10.03.2019 Sun 19:30 Aarhus Musikhuset
11.03.2019 Mon 19:30 Odense Odeon
12.03.2019 Tue 19:30 Esbjerg Musikhuset
13.03.2019 Wed 19:30 Aalborg Aalborghallen
15.03.2019 Fri 19:30 Kalmar Kalmarsalen
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20.03.2019 Wed 19:30 Göteborg Lorensbergteater

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